Features Overview


custom pillow making

Be it bolsters, lumbars or standard squares, consider us your source for custom pillows.  Specify specialty trims, appliques and techniques while selecting from our luxurious fills (down alternative aka micro down, 10/90, 25/75 and 50/50 down/feather blends).  All pillowcases are fabricated with hidden zippered enclosures and serged seams.  Custom inserts are always encased in down-proof ticking.


custom pieces

Browse our selection of furniture styles featured online and at our workroom.  Identify which piece works best for your client and let us build it to your specifications.  We also welcome schematics and auto CAD renderings of your own inspiration or design.



At times you may have an existing piece that no longer suits your style or needs. However, its frame is of such good integrity, that it can be reimagined and modified. We’re able to strip it and then restyle the existing frame either by cutting or adding to it.  This could entail changing back height, arm style and overall upholstery details.


custom upholstery

If your existing piece just needs new fabric, we will gladly quote labor and COM.  Sometimes, the piece may require additional attention, such as new padding, cushions, springs or webbing.  We have you covered!  Or as we cheekily put it, (re)covered.